Youth Gymnastics

Youth Gymnastics

Gymnastics is loved by many people around the world by all races, genders and ages. People can start with gymnastics as young as they want to or show an interest in it. It is highly suggested that all athletes, no matter their potential, should have a good foundation of the basic skills in order to progress safely. A gymnast determines his/her advance pace and will rise through the different stages as quickly or as slowly as they choose to do in order to ensure their foundations are solid.

Like any other sport, the athletes that compete will need to practice and train to compete at competition level but due the intenseness and expertise that is required, the people who want to take part and qualify need to complete certain levels before they do. An athlete in the USA must be a registered Introductory Athlete Member – Levels 1-2 and Xcel or be a registered USA Gymnastics Athlete Member. Another requirement is that a gymnast may then compete in a maximum of 2 State competitions per competitive year and that can only one a season. They can compete at the same or a higher Level.

Gymnastics can be enjoyed from any age if a child or person shows an interest in it, they can learn. Not everyone will be as flexible and be able to jump as high or swing themselves between poles, but it can help anyone feel fit and get a great workout in. The more it practiced, the more it can be done and the easier it will feel.

Young kids can train with a coach if they feel they are good enough to participate in competitions and their coaches will set up a plan for them that will allow them to become competition ready. The plan usually is quite grueling and takes a lot of commitment to the sport. This may take many years and they will have to complete the require training and level in order to be eligible to register to participate. If they show true talent and receive sponsorship, then they can join an academy or a program to get them to the goals of becoming champions in gymnastics.

Junior Olympic Program

There is a Junior Olympic Program for young aspiring gymnast that will assist with competition opportunities, training, and evaluation. This program is designed to help gymnasts safely advance at their own time through specific skill levels. The program is structured in a way that the developmental levels 1–3 provide the most basic skills performed in an environment that helps the gymnast. Compulsory levels 4–5 is more advanced in that it becomes more progressively difficult and the person can be more competitive. Lastly, the optional levels 6–10 can be done which are more competitive and also increasing difficult. The skills performed competitively in original routines.

As the person progresses, their skills are graded in order to ensure that no tries to do something that they are not ready or prepared for. As they progress and find levels easier, they move on to the next level in order to ensure they are growing and developing.

They will need to reach min levels before moving onto the next level. All gymnasts start off the program at the first level and it is possible to advance through more than one level each year.