The Fierce Five

The Fierce Five1

A United States team of young female gymnasts calling themselves The then called Fierce 5 was the 2nd team to win a gold medal for their country. During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is where time team managed to make themselves known to the world. The five members were McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman. The teams ages are between 15 to 18 and seem to have quite a good relationship and work very well together. Raisman is team captain and was selected by the team.

The teams original name was “Fab Five” however they had to change their name before the 2012 the Olympics and chose the “Fierce 5”. Jalen Rose complained about the gymnastics team being called the Fab Five so in order to avoid confusion with the Michigan basketball quintet, the name was changed. The ladies said it best described their brilliant floor routines and the team have a massive following across the world and were featured on the Sports Illustrated’s Olympic Preview cover.

The Fierce Five

Olympic Trials and team background

The team came together at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials where Wieber, Raisman and Douglas in the competition they took first, second, and third place. Maroney was the winner of the vault competition, whereas Ross and Douglas managed to tie for first on the uneven bars. On the balance beam and the floor exercise, Raisman won. That was the moment that brought them together as a team and was selected to represent their country at the Olympics.

2012 Summer Olympics Qualifications

The United States qualified in first place with Wieber, Raisman, and Douglas competing on all four events. Ross on the balance beam, floor exercise and uneven bars. Maroney on vault. Douglas, Wieber, and Raisman then competed in the individual competition, and qualified in second, third, and fourth place. But because there is a rule that only allows the top 2 from the event through to the World or the Olympic individual final, Raisman and Douglas progressed.

Team finals

The team performed outstandingly and the scores they have could not be beaten. Douglas, Wieber, and Maroney performed the three highest-scoring vaults. Ross’, Wieber’ and Douglas’s, scores together for the third highest score on the uneven bars. Raisman, Ross, and Douglas kept the team in first when they performed on the balance beam. On the floor is what took the gold for them with Douglas, Wieber and Raisman scoring first, third, and fourth.

Individual all-around and event finals

In the individual competition, Douglas walked away with the gold medal. This went done in history as she becomes the 1st African American lady to win. Another record that was made that day, was that she also become the first American gymnast to win individual and the team all-around events.
Maroney as the defending champion was the only one to qualify for the vault final. She won a silver medal. Raisman won the gold medal in the floor final. Raisman became the first American lady to win the gold medal on floor.