Rhythmic gymnastics

This type of gymnastics can only be done by women. This particular sport combines many different forms of elements into creating a routine. The elements that are used would be gymnastics, ballet, apparatus manipulation and dance. The performance of 5 routines separately needs to be done using the following; ribbon, ball, clubs, hoop or rope. This is done on a floor where all movements are watched and judged. The can be group routines as well which would need to consist of 5 gymnasts and 5 items of their choice. The score of rhythmic routines is out of 30 points where music and dance moves are judged.

The competitions internationally are split. The split is between the Juniors who are under sixteen and the Seniors. The seniors age restrictions are for women sixteen and over. Gymnasts in Europe and Russia start training at a very young age. When they enter into senior competitions they are usually then at their peak. There are several events that the sport has but the biggest events in this sport are the World Championships, the Olympic Games, the European Championships, Grand-Prix Series and the World Cup.



The ball is made of rubber or a synthetic material that needs to be the same elasticity as the rubber. The gymnast can choose any colour of the ball to use. The ball needs to be in the hand of the gymnast and not on the wrist. The techniques used in the call routine include bouncing, rolling and throwing. Both hands need to be used in the routine and work on the floor during the movements of the routine. The reason for the ball is to show the body difficulty of the gymnast as well their flowing lines.



The make of the hoop may be plastic or wood but it needs to retain its shape at all times during the routine. The hoops can be any colour or design the gymnast desires. The requirements of the hoop in the routine need to include rotation on the body, hand or be rolled. Other movements are throws, circles, swings or passes in the hoop or over the hoop. The mastery of the hoop should apparatus handling and difficulty in the body movements while using it. This is shown by jumps, pivots, and leaps.



The ribbon routine is extremely elegant and precise. It ribbon needs to be made from satin or cloth and maybe any colour or design of choice. The ribbon has to meet certain requirements such as width and length and that it needs to be in one piece at all times. There are a few necessary movements that need to be performed by the gymnast such as circles, flicks, spirals and snakes and throws. During the ribbon performance what is looked for are smooth, large and flowing movements.


The clubs are usually decorated with plastics and tapes. The most used clubs are the multi pieces ones. The clubs are used in the routine by throwing from one hand to the next, passes are made underneath the clubs and the gymnast then catches it with the other hand. There is usually at least one rotation of the club in a throw but there may be more depending on the gymnast. This does allow the club to be thrown higher giving the gymnast more time to do other moves.