Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastics Academy 1

Like any other sport, gymnastics has an academy where people with great potential to be great gymnasts can attend, learn everything the is to know about gymnastics from the best coaches available and practice with the right equipment as often and as much is needed.

Gymnastics has become such a trend in the United States that many young girls aspire to be great gymnasts. They look up to the role models of the Fierce Five and the Magnificent Seven and try to follow in their footsteps.
The Academy for Worldwide Olympic Gymnastics

The most prestigious academy is the Worldwide Gymnastics Olympic Academy. This is a club that is located in Frisco and Plano. It has a great reputation and is widely known across the US. They have a history that they need to uphold.

Gymnastics Academy

At the Academy for Olympic Gymnastics, gymnasts have some of the best coaches in the world. Some of them have been in the Olympics or are champions of some of the competitions in the world. The Head coaches are Valeri Liukin who won gold and silver medals at the 1988 Olympic Games. Elizabeth “Lizzy” LeDuc, Grace McLaughlin, Rebecca Bross, Briley Casanova, Katelyn Ohashi, Ivana Hong, and Nastia Liukin and Yevgeny Marchenko. Marchenko reached World Champion status in Sports Acrobatics and Iarov once the coach of Valeri Liukin and the Canadian Nationals as well as the USSR teams.


Once opened in 1994, The Olympic Worldwide Academy for Gymnastics has had a few successes unparalleled in US gymnastics history. This includes the placement of more than 30 National Gymnastics Team members. They are the most adorned gymnastics club in the United States.

Further to their success, in 2003, 2 individual medals were won and also contributed to the first team gold for the US at the World Championships. 4 individual gold medals were won at the US National Gymnastics Championships.

In 2004, Carly Patterson made history by becoming second American gymnast to become the Women’s’ Olympic All-Around Gymnastics Champion. She also becomes the first American to do so in the Olympics.

In 2005, Nastia Liukin was crowned as th National Champion for the US and achieved second during the World Championships. She managed to defend her title for the US across several years including 2006, 2007 and 2008. She was also the national bars champion numerous times. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Liukin performed by winning a gold medal in the women’s all-around competition. She won silver medals in the team, the uneven bars and balance beam competitions. Finally a bronze medal in the floor exercise competition.


The academy offers many activities for gymnastics for all age groups. They also offer young kids an opportunity to learn from a young age about gymnastics. There are gymnastic classes to five years of age. Children focus on motor skills as they alternate between activities on the bars, floor, balance beam and trampoline with their parent and coach. They learn to swing, flip and hang over the bar, as well as support themselves in a front support on the bar. They exercise by walking and balancing on beams, rolling backward and forward on mats, getting through passageways, jumping out and in of hoops by pushing themselves up on their hands.