Best Gymnasts of all time

Best Gymnasts

Gymnastics is perhaps one of the most difficult sports in the world both on the gymnast’s body and mind. If one of these athletes manages to make a name for themselves, it’s not because it was easy but because they have worked harder and achieved more than any other during their time.

Sawao Kato

Sawao Kato is considered as one of the greatest Gymnasts in history. Kato participated in three Olympics and managed to win twelve medals. Of the twelve medals, eight were gold medals. From Japan, Kato is celebrated as the first to participate in 1968 Olympics Games.

Nikolai Andrianov

Nikolai Andrianov

Nikolai Andrianov is a Russian gymnast who participated in 3 Olympics. He won 15 medals and holds the record for most medals won. He participated in many championships won all of them.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Bilozerchev

Bilozerchev was the youngest world champion in the male category in the sports history. At 16 he participated in the 1983 world championship. He won 4 medals in the 1988 Olympic Games and in 1987 he won 3 gold medals.

Bart Conner

Bart Conner is deemed as the most successful male gymnast. Conner has won gold medals at every level of competition.

Boris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin

Boris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin won 10 individual medals and is one of the successful Olympians with his 13 medals. Shakhlin was recorded into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2002.

Larissa Latynina

Larissa Latynina

Larissa Latynina a Russian gymnast holds the record of winning the highest number of Olympic medals. She won 18 medals and set another record for female gymnastics winning 9 Olympic gold for the first time. Latynina had three Olympic appearances where she proved her ability in Gymnastics. She was also honored the ‘Olympic Order’.

Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut was a Belarusian gymnast who competed in the 1972 and 1976 Olympics. Korbut won four gold medals and two silver medals. She mesmerised the world with being the first person to do somersault backwards on the balance beam as well as the first to somersault standing backward somersault on bars.

Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci is world famous for the perfect score of 10 she received in the 1976 Olympic event. This was the first time this had ever happened in the world. She won 9 Olympic medals. After her retirement, she devoted her life to spreading the love of gymnastics throughout the world.

Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton won the Olympic all-around title and was the first gymnast who was not Eastern Europe to win. She was listed in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame and has won five medals. Retton became very popular in the USA when she became the sportswoman of the year in 1984.

Věra Čáslavská

Věra Čáslavská is a Czechoslovakian gymnast who was a popular gymnast. In her career she won 11 Olympic medals and she won 22 International titles. At the 1968 Olympic Games she won four Gold medals and was named as the second female gymnast to win two all-round gold medals. She is also a member of International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.