Artistic events

AAU Junior Olympic Games2

Under the Artistic Events, there are many categories that only one gymnast in a team must compete in. Below we have categorized these for you.

Women Vault

The vaulting event is when a gymnast will start with a 25-meter sprint followed by a jump onto a spring board. They would have to perform a roundoff or handspring when entering on the springboard. Once on the springboard, the gymnast would land momentarily and perform a number of different movements to show off their skill. The gymnast would need to finish off their routine with a two-footed landing.

Uneven bars

The routine the gymnast would need to perform is on two bars set at different heights which are horizontal. The purpose of these bars is to allow the gymnasts to perform transitional, circling, swinging and release moves while passing over, under and between the two bars. Mounting of the uneven bars is usually done with a springboard or a small mat.

Balance beam

balance beam

A choreographed routine is performed by the gymnast on a padded beam of up to 90 seconds which consists of leaps, somersaults, acrobatic skills and dance elements. The routine showcases balance, flexibility and strength.


The floor event uses a different type of floor that is carpeted, has hard foam, plywood, and springs. The reason behind this is that the surface will allow the gymnast to have a bit of extra bounce and land softly when they need to. A choreographed routine is performed up to 90 seconds in the floor event. The routine consists of tumbling lines, jumps, leaps, acrobatic skills and dance elements.

Uneven bar

Artistic events for men – Floor

Male gymnasts showcase their skill on a spring floor where a sequence of tumbling passes is performed to show flexibility, balance, and strength. Skills the need to be shown are scales, circles, and press handstands. Men’s floor routines usually have four passes without music. Rules require that each corner of the floor is touched at least once.

Pommel horse

A pommel horse exercise can be either done with both single leg and double leg work. The single leg skills may include scissors whereas double leg work is the most used skill of this event. This is done by swinging both legs in a circular motion. The gymnast can challenge himself further by including variations by turning or straddling. The end of routine is when the gymnast completes a dismount.

Still rings

The gymnast will perform a routine with rings that are hung on a wire cable. The routine usually demonstrates balance, power, strength and dynamic motion. The rings are prevented from swinging by the gymnast to show their skill.

Gymnasts sprint on a runway and then hurdle onto a spring board. The starting point is chosen by the gymnast. He will then rotate and end with a standing position. The level of difficulty is increased by including multiple twists and somersaults.

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars

Men perform on two bars slightly further while executing a series of balances, swings, and releases that require great strength and coordination.

Horizontal bar

The bar is what the gymnast will use in his routine to perform giant swings, show release skills, twists and changes of direction. The gymnast can use the force and momentum for great dismounts from the bar to gain them extra points.