AAU Junior Olympic Games

AAU Junior Olympic Games

The AAU Junior Olympic games are one of the largest sports events for the youth available today and especially in the Unites States. The AAU is a non-profit organization that has become the event that showcases skills and talents. The event is not only one if the largest but it is also a volunteer program where people who are passionate about the AAU Junior Olympic games can donate their time. The AAU is focused on development and promotion of amateur sports as well as physical fitness regimes. The “Sports for All, Forever” slogan is believed by all who participate and volunteer their time.

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The AAU was created in 1888 and its purpose was to establish standards and consistency in games and sports competitions. In the beginning, the AAU was an international sports leader. They have represented the United States in international sports federations since. The AAU worked carefully with the athletes to help them prepare for the Olympic Games. After the establishment of the Olympic sports committee in the United States, the AAU put all its efforts into providing programs for sport for the participants who may begin at any age.

There are a number of sports that take place in the Junior Olympics and among them is Gymnastics. The sport may not be as prestigious as the Olympic Games but it has received a massive following over the years as well as many entrants. It also allows the participants to gain the perspective of being in a competition with a title and prizes as well the pressure and many hours of training that goes into the preparation. It gives them goals to work towards.

The AAU Junior Olympic Games started with field competitions and state track competitions. Entries into the National competitions to determine champions were done via phone and email whereas previously, head to head competitions was held. The AAU Youth Sports Program was first held in Cleveland in 1949. This program was received so well from the people and the athletes the leaders of the AAU then asked for support from the corporate sector.

The program was so popular that the leaders decided that two national championships should be held at the same time. The Vice-President Hubert H. Humphery then announced that the AAU Junior Olympics was open in August of 1967. In these sports, eighteen AAU records were recorded in history.

In 19 States and 30 cities across America, the AAU Junior Olympic Games have been held in Washington, D.C. Tennessee which is a state in America is the frontrunner with six games to its name. The theme of “There’s nothing junior about it” is the motto and have become what the AAU Junior Olympic Games is about. The number of participants grew to over 16,000 in over 20 sports. The AAU Junior Olympic Games have become so popular among athletes and supports alike and have become one of the most popular events to attend.