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Welcome to sanjose2012,

Gymnastics is defined as a sport that uses the display of exercise to show coordination and physical agility. The sport if gymnastics in the modern sense involves exercises on vaulting horse, beams, bars, and floor.

Gymnastics can be an amateur sport or a professional sport. Amateur gymnastics is where people go to classes or a club and just enjoy doing the actions and learning the moves because they want to be fit, destress and have fun. In a professional setting, this sport takes on another form. The person who is committing to being a gymnast has to change their entire lives for the sport and most of the time they don’t mind. They usually very gifted in the sport and they have more love and passion for doing it they could not even think of doing anything else.

This sport is full of various exercises and routines. To ensure that one who would be interested in becoming a gymnast, they would need to be good at many different elements such as be flexible, have agility, have excellent balance and control, have of course have a large amount of physical strength. The most important element is to have coordination and grace to ensure they routine are performing are aesthetically attractive to the audience.

Judges are their most important critics as they watch every single part of the routine prepared for the event. Every single movement needs to be perfectly timed to the music and to the routine. One small mistake can cost the participant many points and ultimately a medal. A judge’s score is always out of 10 which the gymnast will always aim for. A perfect 10.

Gymnastics is internationally popular, and every country has its own national team and its national governing body. There are various events in gymnastics. Of them, the men’s events are floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse and still rings. Every country puts forward participants for the events in gymnastics as the amount of talent available is extraordinary.

Many athletes don’t only use gymnastics but other forms of dance and chorography that strengthen their bodies and give them an edge over the other competitors. Dance like ballet was used many years ago as a prerequisite to gymnastics. Many women would master ballet before they even think if gymnastics as a sport. As the years went on, the age from which woman was entering the competition meant they ballet was no longer needed but is possible to do both sports and allow one to assist the other.

Other forms of physical exercise also help with strengthening the body. Running, aerobics and going to the gym are a part of the daily routine of the hard working gymnasts.

More than anything else, all a gymnast needs is a great support structure. That comes mainly from the family and friends, coaches, team members and most importantly the country they are representing. The USA has a massive program for their athletes and the support from their country is just as massive. This is why they continuously produce great gymnasts. There is always someone cheering them on and encouraging them to go further and achieve whatever dream they have in front of them.